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And where are you going to put it? The hydrologists that we are working with, they used that specific capacity I threw out there.

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Halvorson We will take all of the of every one of them, we keep the originals. Collector wells aren't for everybody and it really depends upon the hydrogeology of toniggt particular area. They put the wells in the town, nicce them hard, dried up people's wells but the law said, English Law of Absolute Possession. We don't see iron and manganese in the monitoring wells because they are shallower. Not in this type of situation. Ray Schmidt I just wanted to ask Pat, when you modeled the zone contribution, are you looking at it as a circle around the well or wouldn't you extend that 1,' up gradient?

It takes about a week to 10 days to do each section.

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They can't be any longer than that, in order to fit into the caisson. Their plan is to run their wells no more than 18 hours per day. I don't envision wells …… the construction standards are better …. They'll do some test pumping and by the end of June, the well contractors will be done. The types of supplies that have to be constructed and planned for often times can take 6 years. liverpool prostitute online website

That wouldn't be running unless there was some catastrophic power failure. Halvorson All those that are within the projected 1-foot drawdown area which would be a 1, feet radius.

Karch It will be more quite and a lot less dust. Halvorson What individual property owners do on their own is certainly up nics them. It's a federal system and what we do here; we get support from those governments outside of local government. The City has thewe can get further away. It doesn't matter to us.

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The final thing I wanted to talk about escort butterfly las vegas water quality. You have a steel casing going down into the ground. There's a reason it's located along the river. They'll go through some development pushing water in and out to remove fines that might plug the screens. If you look back at the maximum water demand back init was about 6.

We've done a lot of sampling before, during and after the wells were pumped at about 50 gpm in 2 exploratory wells in and pumped at 1, gpm for 72 hours back in July of In the highest water levels were only 26' down. Worst case scenario, all wells are down, it's going to be more because they'd have loking pump this more.

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This is a cross section view of a collector well. It's such an essential, it's our whole living.

The water was terrible, iron, smelled bad, tasted bad. We were tonigbt 2 years ago to do some exploratory work to see if that was a good site.

We don't anticipate any. Michael Karch I'm adjacent. What makes a collector well different, the screen on Stevens Point's vertical wells are about 30 feet deep in the aquifer.

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So this is the alignment. It's so fundamental.

When I grew up, I grew up in Baraboo and I remember around the square all these fountains they had. Well 10 was recommended in by a planning study that was done by the City and constructed 17 years ago. Planton You've spread out your screen laterals in the best part of the aquifer in a fof bigger area.