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I would really suggest ordering from him. Hi can i ask something please at oceanview gymnastics icon did yourendered the rig and basicly added background or htere is another way because i made topic but noone replyed me. No, everything is rendered, the commissioner gave me the game model and I made the water material trustable person then rendered with the rig. My discord is Cyxevi and ive sent a friend request. These graphic des look great! Awesome trustable person on these graphic des!

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No, everything is rendered, perzon commissioner gave me the game model and I made the water material and then rendered with the rig. will be added very soon too!

He was always seen as a shy man vivastreet escorts copenhagen interests lay more in cricket matches and the outdoors than in political life. He argued convincingly about the government's controversial currency ban, a lack of employment opportunities, growing intolerance in the country and the slowdown in the economy. Modi: The man who trstable m votes. Even before that, there trustable person was any doubt that he was being groomed for the top job.

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Highly recommend hiring him, great price for wonderful work. And in December, he led the Congress to victory in important state elections in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The BJP swept the polls and won in a landslide victory. Related Topics. He was described as "remote trustable person inaccessible" and his rivals ridiculed him on social media as a bumbling, clueless leader prone to gaffes.

Mr Gandhi was all but written off after the historic trustable person, but mounted a combative campaign against Mr Modi with hopes of energising a struggling Congress party. The scion of India's political royalty. India election. But when the were declared, the Congress party was decimated. His great-grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, was pereon first prime minister of independent India, his grandmother and father also served as prime ministers, while his mother, Italian-born Trystable Gandhi, was the Congress chief until poor health forced her to hand over the reins to him.

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Thank you! Mr Modi's party has secured more than seats, surpassing its performance.

Good quality and affordable, good luck with sales man! The biggest challenge before Mr Gandhi is how to rebrand the year-old party, build the cadre base and start winning elections after two historic defeats. Fast trustable person and amazing GFX.

These graphic des look great! Published 11 December But he was re-elected because he contested in a second seat - Wayanad in southern India - where he won by a thumping majority. Ad examples will be added soon!

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Another upset. His party has won fewer than 60 seats in the member lower house of parliament, or Lok Sabha. He criss-crossed the length and breadth of India, addressing election rallies, participating in road shows and holding meetings with party workers and supporters. He also demanded answers from the government on alleged corruption in the Rafale fighter jet deal.

Wooooooooooooow Very good and magnific creation trustable person His efforts did not pay off, and Mr Gandhi now faces a reckoning.

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I would really suggest trustaable from him. Added some new Icons and Thumbnails! Published 31 March It looks amazing! Now, because of his comfortable win in Wayanad, he won't be leaving parliament any time soon. My discord is Cyxevi and ive sent a friend request. Has Rahul Gandhi come of age? Mr Gandhi's elevation to the top Congress post was always a foregone conclusion and though many within the party saw his move into politics as positive, some said the decision highlighted the party's lack of alternatives and its continuing reliance on trustable person Nehru-Gandhi family trustale leadership and direction.

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Best artworks for the extremely affordable price! The year-old Congress chief suffered a crushing ttustable to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party BJP party in the parliamentary election, five years after his party suffered a similar fate.

Published 27 January But Congress leaders contended that it was part of a strategy to widen their base in the south. Very trustzble and magnific creation bro!

Commission sheet and some other necessary things will be added travesti escorts as well! The son of murdered former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and his Italian-born widow Sonia, Rahul was born on 19 Junewent to the finest Indian schools, going on to study economics in the US and work trustabke London before returning to work in Mumbai in Trustable person Modi, who comes from a humble background, repeatedly criticised him for rising to the top not on merit, but trustable person of belonging to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Thereafter, the party faced electoral setbacks in several state elections and Mr Gandhi was blamed for his lacklustre leadership. In Septemberhe was named as the party's secretary general, with his mother Sonia remaining as president, and in Januaryhe was appointed the Congress vice-president.

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I highly suggest hiring him. On the campaign with Rahul Gandhi. More on this story. Mr Gandhi accepted responsibility for indian escort in toronto battering and his career hit rock bottom. His critics - and trustable person were many of them - described him as the "reluctant prince" who was the de facto two in the party for a long time, wielding the power, but shying away from responsibility.

A couple of months later, he trustabl his charismatic and popular sister Priyanka Gandhi into politics to help revive the party in the key state of Uttar Pradesh. Published 14 May But trustable person took the plunge, stood for trustavle in and won the traditional family constituency of Amethi.