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Wiepjes, Mariska C. A role for G protein-coupled receptor b in bone remodeling in mouse and zebrafish.

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Pereira, Isidro B. Walsh, John C. Northern Minn. Shore, Neil R. Steell, A.

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Correlations between gene expression and mineralization in the avian leg tendon. JunLing Cao. Strain rate dependence of work mh fracture tests on bone and similar tissues: Reflections on testing methods and mineral content effects. Microscopic markers of an infradian biorhythm in human juvenile ribs.

Yufei Shi. Alendronate improves bone density and type I collagen accumulation but increases the amount of pentosidine in tangyang healing dental alveolus of ovariectomized rabbits. Maternal vitamin D in pregnancy and offspring bone measures in childhood: The Vitamin D in Pregnancy study. Bone mineral density and bone mineral content among female elite athletes. About me.

Aging negatively impacts the ability of megakaryocytes to stimulate osteoblast proliferation and bone mass. Association of bone mineral density with hemoglobin and change in hemoglobin among older men and women: The Cardiovascular Health Study. Roschger, W. Yuuki Imai.

Bone matrix hypermineralization associated with low bone turnover in a case of Nasu-Hakola disease. Effects of pH alteration on the pathogenesis of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw.

Patient's utilization and perception of the quality of curative care in community health centers of the fifth commune of bamako fomba s, yang y, zhou h, liu q, xiao pm - indian j community med

Katta M. Sclerostin and its association with insulin resistance in children and adolescents. Currey, K. Asoh, K. Duncan Bassett. Vieira, Fabiana R. Bone remodeling and bone matrix quality before and after menopause in healthy women.

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The genetic architecture of osteoporosis and fracture risk. Hoffman, Jimin Han, Laura M. Skeletal macro- and microstructure adaptations in men undergoing yangyahg military training. Zullo, Tingting Zhang, Yoojin Lee, Aref, Neal X.

Julie A. Sarika Gupta.

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Findings as a starting point to unravel the underlying mechanisms of in vivo interactions involving Wnt10a in bone, fat and muscle. Pouran, I. Ki Young Son.